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At Dance Extreme Performing Arts Studio, we offer a fun and creative place for kids of all ages to explore their musicality while developing their technique & confidence in an encouraging environment. We pride ourselves on not only being a place for children to grow their dance technique but a dance community which encourages young people to grow confidence, and comfort in their own style.

We focus highly on Performing Arts at our school and honor the philosophy to teach students all elements of dance and theatre. More importantly, students learn to do all of this in a positive and happy environment.

Throughout the year we have exciting activities for the students to engage in; including a Mid-Year Showcase, Dance Camp & finish off with an end of year concert. Our showcases feature all of our students and gives us an opportunity to show all the hard work our students have achieved in dance. 

We are very proud to have seen many of our students grow and succeed in the professional dance industry, and build a career out of something they are so passionate about. At our school we wish to nurture that passion, and encourage and support our students regardless if they wish to pursue a career or if they just want to have some fun and try something new. 

Our Teachers

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